Erin challenges her students in physicality, floor work, improvisation, and flow. Starting her class with body mind awareness, she gathers students’ attention to the room before bringing in cardio to get heart rates up. Across the floor can range from drills in floor work or inversions to structured improvisation and weight sharing.

This contemporary style engages the entire body and encourages students to bring their own quality to phrase work while introducing moments of theatricality. Erin cultivates a warm environment while challenging the body and mind. Class is our time to take risks and test limits in a safe and exciting space.


Erin’s stretch classes have a heavy yoga influence and are excellent for gaining flexibility and general body mind awareness. Class is conducted in a meditative atmosphere and focuses on the importance of breath. Students are encouraged to turn their attention inward to deepen stretches, promote healthy alignment, and relax the mind.

Erin approaches each class with new energy, keeping student’s varying bodies in mind while using her background in kinesiology to motivate length in the spine, hip flexors, and hamstrings.


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